What does "Pura Vida" mean in Costa Rica?

If you have been in Costa Rica, you must know that everyone uses the expression “Pura Vida” in many maaaaany ways. It’s like a language itself and a way of life. But when can we use it and how?

Here a list of meanings:
Hello → Pura vida!
How are you? → Pura vida?
I’m fine → Pura vida!
That’s good to hear → Pura vida
Bye → Pura vida
See you later → Pura vida
Good morning\afternoon\night → Pura vida!
It’s no problem → Pura vida
Thanks → Pura vida!

Your Welcome → Pura vida!

So, if is not today, when? Enjoy the Costa Rica's feelin' and get yourself some Pura Vida!


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