Growing up in bikini paradise


When moving to a small surfer village in Costa Rica, I quickly learned the importance of high quality swimwear. 

Within a few weeks my fast fashion summer-season bathing suits were wrecked by the strong sun and the constant urge to cool off in the ocean or pool. It’s summer here all year long, hence for the title of the surf movie “Endless Summer”, partly shot in this very town. 

In Tamarindo, your bikini is pretty much your everyday attire, wether it was for surfing, tanning, yoga, grabbing a smoothie at the local food court, you name it. You’ll find yourself wearing a bikini top under t-shirts and dresses rather than bra’s too. 

In my first year of high school I became friends with a beautiful Hungarian girl named Koral, who’s mother is the infamous Kata. That’s when I was introduced to Papaya Con Leche for the first time. Now, I graduated from high-school more than three years ago, and I kid you not, I still have bikinis from my freshman year. And these 7 year old swimsuits, despite of being worn over and over again are still in great condition. 

Another interesting aspect of the bikini culture here is how girls mix and match their top and bottoms. At first I was skeptical to join this “trend”, but soon after I realized how much more versatility it gives you. 

When you walk into Papaya Con Leche, you will notice how most tops and bottoms of different shapes, colors and patterns are all creatively matched with each other. And that being said, they’re also sold separately for in case you want to create your own combination. 

So next time you take a trip to Tamarindo, make sure you visit Papaya Con Leche and get a swimsuit of your own. You’ll thank me in ten years. 

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