5 Things you must do in Tamarindo

Are you thinkin’ about going to Tamarindo in Costa Rica? OK! Well, just because we want you to have the best time ever, we are gonna give you a list with the 5 things you must do.

Let’s begin!

  1. Take Surf Lessons. Why? Because tamarindo is a very popular surfing destination and it’s very fun!
  2. Drink Pipa. What’s that? It’s the coconut water, in it's natural presentation. Forget the plastic cups! Will be only you and the refreshing and delicious pipa with a paper straw. (In Costa Rica is very important to take care the environment)
  3. Take a Yoga Class on the beach. In Costa Rica Yoga is very popular, and we are pretty sure that you will have an amazing time if you take a class in this exotic destination.
  4. Eat Pinto. A delicious and traditional breakfast that can also be lunch! It’s a mix of rice with beans, and if you want to taste it as a local you must add Lizano Sauce.
  5. Visit Papaya con Leche. The coolest store in Tamarindo downtown. (Yes, we needed to mention it). In the store, you will find the best swimsuits and shoes! We have our own designs and the shoes are 100% leader from Costa Rica. Of course we also have cloth for all sizes and the attention is really THE BEST! You MUST visit us!

Now, you have 50% of the itinerary for your trip! Have fun!

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